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Katherine Marquette


Katherine hired you as a General Contractor in 2015
Top qualities: Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality & Professionalism

From start to soon-to-be finished work, Gandolfi & Associates has lived up to every expectation. Owner, Eddie Gandolfi has been wonderful. It is important to note, that I consider myself to be pretty hard to impress and even have a mild case of post-Katrina contractor PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
After going to his website and following several links to completed projects he has on YouTube, I was satisfied that my deck replacement was well within his capabilities. Its also worth noting that "another site" only shows Eddie Gandolfi in certain limited areas on its website, but Eddie's company does way, way more than what they show here. They do just about everything: decks, roofing, concrete, stucco, carpentry, the list goes on and on...
We have two decks/balconies projecting from the second floor that appear to never have been sealed and were in pretty bad shape. Eddie and his men worked very hard and were polite and professional. We are very happy with their work.
We asked Eddie to treat our house as if it were his own and to do that which he thought needed to be done. And that is exactly what he did. The structural integrity of our decks was fine, so we ended up replacing the exterior wood only.  Eddie didn't try to scare us into replacing that which wasn't necessary in order to jack up the price. We found him to be completely trustworthy. We are extremely grateful to have found a contractor we can trust and have back in our home for many years to come. 

April 24, 2015


Will Lyman


Will hired you as a General Contractor in 2011
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

"Eddie is a man of his word. Truth is, the job didn't go quite right at the start due to a basic error on the part of a former crew chief. That error resulted in a huge fix and re-do for Eddie, at great cost to himself, at a time of great personal stress in his own life. Both he and his (other) crew chief applied themselves to making things right with a dedication that deserves recognition and commendation. The final result goes way beyond simply "getting done with the job." The attention to detail and even going beyond the actual scope of work to make the whole thing look right are things you only get from someone who truly wants to make the customer happy."

May 28, 2012


Ed Krepps


"This testimonial is due to the fact that we have much to be thankful for having met Eddie Gandolfi. In the weeks and months after Katrina we were frantic to find a reputable contractor to repair our storm damaged home.

We called so many contractors that it was difficult to keep up with all of the contacts, appointments and the like. There were so many scam artists out to make a fast buck and exploit the stress and anxiety of what had happened during and after the storm that it was nearly impossible to trust anyone we called. The outrageous bids for work and the reluctance for contractors to show any licenses, proof of insurance or clear time frame for completion left us wary of almost everyone.

In late October of 2005, we had the good fortune to have a call returned by Mr. Gandolfi. The contact with him changed our lives considerably. From the moment we met in our home, to the bidding process and the willingness to listen to our concerns we knew that we had finally met a person of integrity and professionalism.

There was never an issue that went unresolved. From the selection of materials to the level of craftsmanship and coordination with our insurance company, the repair process proceeded with a sense of urgency and completion of the projected timelines. The experience of partially rebuilding our home was one of the most difficult times of our lives and over 30 years of marriage. To this day we know that Mr. Gandolfi and his men pulled off a near miraculous repair of our home allowing us to get back to as normal a life as could reasonably be expected.

Mr. Gandolfi proved to be a professional of integrity and high standards. All of our requests for rebuilding to our specifications were handled flawlessly. It is our pleasure to recommend Mr. Gandolfi as a professional contractor who has the highest sense of urgency and ability to get the job done right the first time. He rescued us from the vultures who were circling in an effort to scam and make a bad situation even worse. The quality of this gentleman reflects in every conceivable way, from his workmanship to his demeanor in times of extreme duress. To put it simply, he is a man of his word who can be counted on to deliver a superior product on time."

December 14, 2011


George Peterson


George hired you as a General Contractor in 2005 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
"Eddie assisted is the repair of my sister's home post-Katrina. He was timely and very considerate of the nature of the damages to the home and also very kind in dealing with my sister Kathi and tending to her needs as a general contractor. Eddie and his company Gandolfi & Associates, Inc are highly recommended."

September 23, 2010


Jon Luther
Executive Vice President, Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans (colleague)

"For several years, Eddie Gandolfi has been an active member and participant in the affairs of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans (HBA). What that signifies more than anything is Eddie's dedication and commitment to his trade and craft. Eddie enhances the professional capabilities of his company, Gandolfi & Associates, each time he partakes of the HBA's numerous continuing education, training, and compliance seminars. The construction industry in New Orleans continues to evolve rapidly; new construction theories, technologies, and products are being introduced almost daily. Gandolfi & Associates is proving itself to be ahead of the curve and beyond the industry standard for professionalism and construction expertise. In fact, CEO, Eddie Gandolfi, has obtained the nationally-prestigious designations of Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and Certified Green Professional (CGP) - such designations indicate a higher level of learning and facility with advanced principles of residential construction. In an extraordinarily competitive local construction marketplace, Gandolfi & Associates has positioned itself to rise above the competition, caring enough to evolve as a company and always striving to improve its level of expertise and customer service/satisfaction."

August 23, 2011


Elizabeth Kinein

Elizabeth hired you as a General Contractor in 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"This past month I requested that G&A, Inc. provide me with information and pricing on closing-in my back patio with a sunroom. Although I wasn't sure exactly what my options were, I knew I wanted a place that gave me the feeling of not only being outside, but also keeping me from the elements of the weather on inclement days. Eddie Gandolfi was very informative of the products that were available in the market, including the style, the materials, the pricing and availability. Once I was satisfied with everything the company proposed, we signed a contract so the work could begin. The work was not only done when promised, but also performed very professionally and to my complete satisfaction. I am extremely happy with the finished product. I would highly recommend G&A, Inc. to anyone who is in the market for home repairs, roofing, complete renovations and/or additions to their property. Thanks to G&A, Inc. and Eddie Gandolfi I now have a fantastic space for my plants, indoor/outdoor furniture and a comfortable room with a fantastic view. Denise Kinlein Etheridge, CCR, OCR CDC New Orleans, Louisiana"

September 23, 2012


Bob Bodet
Owner, Bodet Architects


Gandolfi has been, and continues to be, our "go-to" Contractor, when we need an honest and fast response to any Building Construction question or issue.


September 12, 2013, Robert was Eddie's client

September 23, 2012


Phil Hoffman
Owner, Hoffman Custom Built Homes, LLC

Eddie is very knowledgeable about residential construction and well respected by his peers. He also gives back to the industry by being involved with the Homebuilders Association of Greater New Orleans.


May 23, 2013, Phil worked with Eddie at Gandolfi & Associates, Inc.: Design/Build General Contractors


Kaan Yayman

Trust Administrator at Whitney Bank

Gandolfi and Associates did an outstanding job repairing our house after Hurricane Isaac. The work was professionally done, and the house looks great. When we were promised a completion date on a project, it was always met. We were also able to trust our contractor’s good judgment in assessing what needed to be done. Mr. Gandolfi showed considerable expertise in the processing of our insurance claim. The workmen were quick and always cleaned their work area. We would gladly recommend this company.

Kaan Yayman

May 7, 2013, Kaan was Eddie's client


Chris Colon
Branch Manager, Custom Hardwood Supply

Eddie I want to thank you first and foremost for all you efforts with this hail damage repairs you have done. You are truly the last of the True contractors, the ones that when they take on the job, anything good or bad is theirs till the job is complete... Your attention to the details is amazing, your knowledge is unsurpassed, just in conversation with you about veracious aspects of the job you where very informative and very helpful every step of the way. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to have the work done the right way from start to finish!


September 4, 2013, Chris was Eddie's client


Turner Knight
Owner, Cultured Concrete

I have worked with Eddie directly on different projects and have reccomended him to members of my family for projects on thier homes. He is very honest and trustworthy, I will use him on my home. Unlike most contractors, he is over qualified for the work he does. Eddie's has expertise with "Insurance Recovery" & maximizing the home owner's claim so that the insured's property can be repaired with quality materials & knowledgeable skilled craftsmen & he uses the best products that are avalible.


May 4, 2013, Turner reported to Eddie at Gandolfi & Associates, Inc.: Design/Build General Contractors


Lynne Michelli
Vice President, NOLA Properties
(Formerly Columbia Property Management)


Eddie is easy to work with and very knowledgable in his work. Would highly recommend him as a General Contractor.


May 3, 2013, Lynne was Eddie's client


Mart Black, AAICP
Senior Planner, Providence Technical Services, LLC

Eddie is a very detail-oriented individual, always looking for way to provide outstanding customer service by increasing efficiency, professional education, better communication.


May 3, 2013, Mart was with another company when working with Eddie at Gandolfi & Associates, Inc.: Design/Build General Contractors