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Insurance Recovery


We’ve specialized in insurance recovery for the last 15 years whether it be storm related damages (wind hazard, flood, etc.) or damages caused by other means.

When you need a contractor that specializes in insurance claims, you can rely on the expertise & experience of Gandolfi & Associates, Inc.  Usually the most challenging aspect of the insurance recovery process is negotiating with your insurance provider. At Gandolfi & Associates, Inc. , our professional administrative staff is experienced in the insurance claim processes of most major homeowner & commercial insurance providers. We will handle all aspects of the claims process for you.

We’ll assign you a personal account manager to come to your home or commercial site to assist with all insurance claim paperwork and negotiations. Our account manager will explain your particular homeowner’s/commercial insurance claims process to you, answer any questions you may have, coordinate inspections and meetings with your insurance adjuster & arrange any supplemental appointments with your adjuster.

In response to the latest hail damage that occured in East Baton Rouge, LA in the early morning hours of 04/06/14,

Gandolfi & Associates, Inc. provides the following information:



The impact of hail on shingles can cause the following:

  • It can remove and fracture the granule surfacing material. This may be obvious after large hail or storms that have large hail or storms that hail for extended periods of time. This damage to the shingle may or may not be obvious.
  • The granule surfacing material is loosened. This will not immediately show up as visual damage. This will cause the shingles to loose granules over time at an accelerated rate and lead to premature failure.



  • The granules protect the asphalt from sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light. Sunlight and UV will deteriorate the asphalt. The asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once exposed to the sun. Any accelerated granule loss will significantly reduce the life of the shingle. It has been expressed that there is 25% more granules on a shingle than what is needed. This is not true. Some granules are not actually embedded in the asphalt when the shingle is produced and will come off the roof in the first year after application. After the first year the shingle does not carry any more granules than are necessary to protect the shingles for its intended life expectancy.


  • Missing areas of granules on shingles
  • Gutters, swimming pools, or areas under eaves that are not covered with or full of granules. Most shingles have a few pounds of colored granules per square foot of coverage. It does not take too many missing loose granules to have significant shingle damage.
  • Dimples on shingles. May also be seen on the back on the shingles as round, half-round, or crescent shaped bruises. The dimples may only be seen on the edges of the shingles.
  • Dents in flashing, ridges, vent stack and lead boots would indicate that the roof has seen hail damage.


Some hail damage is obvious. Some isn't so obvious. We have identified hail damage on homes that has been missed by other contractors, adjustors, and homeowners alike. We know what to look for, (as it's sometimes tricky to detect).


Unless you're very experienced with exterior construction and working with insurance claims, you should hire a good contractor!

We're not just saying this, and we have many stories to prove the importance. Consider this:

1.  Major exterior construction is complicated enough as it is:

  • A state licensed contractor provides long-term assurance of quality work, with warranties and the service.
  • General Liability & Workman’s Compensation insurance, proper equipment, and staying current with the latest technical information are some of the things state licensed contractors provide.

2. Add to the mix your insurance company.

  • Understanding claims and your Loss Sheet.
  • Often, adjustors aren't properly trained and getting a fair claim requires a lot  of experience.
  • The bottom line is that working effectively with insurance companies takes a lot of experience. We have that experience and have found that insurance companies and adjustors alike generally like working with us. We know the business and charge fair prices. As a result we have had much cooperation from adjustors who appreciate us versus the tactics of some other contractors.


3.  Most importantly, you've paid your insurance all along and now you deserve to be treated well and to get your home looking beautiful again. Your home may end up looking better than before the storm, (maybe your roof/fence was getting old or your siding outdated). A good contractor will negotiate with your insurance company and agree on a fair price for repairs. This price will provide for high quality materials and installation. So, in our opinion, your goal should be to hire the very best and most talented state licensed contractor and not a “storm chaser” who won’t be around should you have a warranty issue. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, Additionally, we are LA State Licensed General Contractors (both residential & commercial) and we are a Design/Build firm. What this means for our customers is that the LA State Licensing Board of Contractors (LASLBC), as a regulatory entity, has done the leg work that every home/business owner should do but sometimes simply over looks or just doesn’t know what questions to ask a contractor. The LASLBC regulates those of us with state licenses by making us place them as certificate holders of our insurance. All certificate holders are sent notices when a company is late on a payment or is dropped by their insurance carrier. If we are dropped, we lose our license. We are not even allowed to bid on a project if our state license is even suspended. The LASLBC requires we attend so many hours of pre-approved/certified continuing education every year along with our annual license renewal. Failure to comply with these strict guidelines results in rejection of the applicant’s license renewal. The LASLBC also checks references before issuing a license. Please feel free to call the LASLBC in Baton Rouge and ask about our standing in any of the above areas. They can be reached at 225.765.2301 or on line at 


      Gandolfi & Associates, Inc. license are as follows:


      LA State Contractors Residential License # 86119


      LA State Contractors Commercial License # 40728




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